Domestic violence interventions from the victims’ perspective


Project description (completed research project)

The public stance on domestic violence has changed from taboo to intervention. Today, victims of domestic violence receive support from advice centres, the police, legal authorities, the health care system and other institutions. However, it is not known how appropriate and efficient the new interventions are. This project focuses on the perspective of the affected persons.

During the past ten years, domestic violence interventions have intensified in Switzerland, as they have also in other European countries. This project evaluates the situation of women who are or have been victims of violence: How do they rate the help and advice that they received? What forms of support were helpful and useful? What conditions and circumstances had more limiting or negative effects?


The aim of this research study is to reflect on the current intervention and support network on the basis of the users’ experience. This approach extends the social policy discourse to include the dimension of the affected persons. The information will be collected by means of narrative interviews, and the contacts will be established via institutions of the support and advice network. These include the police, general help centres for victims and specialised institutions such as women’s shelters or women’s advice centres. In addition the working methods of these institutions will be examined. The study will look at institutions in four cantons of Switzerland.

Original title

Betroffenensicht zu Recht und Interventionen bei Partnergewalt – auf dem Weg zur Gleichstellung der Geschlechter?

Project leader(s)

  • Dr. Daniela Gloor, Social Insight, Forschung Evaluation Beratung, Schinznach-Dorf