More equal opportunities in the choice of careers


Project description (completed research project)

In Switzerland boys and girls choose different occupations. Until now, measures to expand the range of careers chosen by girls and boys have not achieved the expected impacts.


The project arose from cooperation between a section in the Department of Education and a research group at the universi-ty. The study shows why boys’ and girls’ career interests and career choices at the end of compulsory education are still different. The researcher produce new findings on the effectiveness of measures that were implemented to foster gender role-independent career choices by boys and girls. In five cantons, pupils in lower secondary level are questioned about their career aspirations, their gender identity and their views on gender relations. Their parents and teachers are surveyed on comparable questions. The data from these surveys and a comparison of the data with secondary analyses of large national surveys yield important information on what induces young people to make gender-specific education and career choices at the end of compulsory schooling. In cooperation with gender equality experts, the researchers also analyse where the problems and challenges lie in today’s measures to promote gender-independent career choice.

Original title

Aspirations et orientations professionnelles des filles et des garçons en fin de scolarité obligatoire: quels déterminants pour plus d'égalité?

Project leader(s)

  • Prof. Dominique Joye, Institut des sciences sociales (ISS), Universität Lausanne
  • Carolina Carvalho Arruda, ISS, Universität Lausanne
  • Dr. Jacques-Antoine Gauthier, ISS, Universität Lausanne
  • Dr. Lavinia Gianettoni, ISS, Universität Lausanne
  • Dominique Gros, Service de la recherche en éducation (SRED), Département de l’instruction publique, de la culture et du sport, Genf
  • Dinah Gross, ISS, Universität Lausanne
  • Dr. Edith Guilley, SRED, Genf
  • Dr. Dr. Elisabeth Moubarak, SRED, Genf
  • Dr. Karin Müller, SRED, Genf