What do the schools teach about gender equality?


In the face of stubbornly persisting differences in the careers of women and men, equality has become a priority school topic. This project investigates teachers’ courses of action and how their perceptions of this urgent societal issue influence their handling of the topic.

Project description (completed research project)

In Switzerland, gender equality education is set down in school policy documents. Thanks to the Swiss Conference of Gender Equality Delegates in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, the cantons there provide resources to the schools to foster diverse ways of life and to question stereotyped role models. Nonetheless, career choice continues to be strongly influenced by gender, and women’s careers are more frequently obstructed by invisible barriers (glass ceiling).


This project examines how teachers make use of the teaching aids for gender equality education and how this is connected with their own assessments of the equality issue and with their working environment. A sample of teachers and school principals in the French-speaking region of Switzerland will be surveyed by questionnaire. The questionnaire taps how the different education actors handle the gender equality topic and their attitudes towards it. Interviews with teachers will complement the data and provide information on the deeper associations between values, gender equality concepts and teaching practice. In addition, interviews with policy makers in education and gender equality will investigate the specific situation in each canton and identify how much importance the different cantons attach to this school topic.

Original title

Enseignement de l’égalité à l’école: pratiques et représentations enseignantes

Project leader(s)

  • Prof. Farinaz Fassa Recrosio, Institut des sciences sociales (ISS), Universität Lausanne
  • Dr. Chiari Storari, ISS, Universität Lausanne
  • Dr. Valérie Rolle, ISS, Universität Lausanne
  • Dr. Matthias Studer, Département des sciences économiques (DSEC), Universität Genf



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