Equal opportunity in the enterprises and programmes of SRG SSR


Project description (completed research project)

SRG SSR idée suisse is a particularly interesting organisation to study with regard to the implementation of equal opportunity for men and women, because:

  1. It is the largest media organisation in Switzerland and plays an important role in public opinion formation.
  2. As a public service media enterprise, it has a sociocultural model function (”idée suisse”).
  3. It is firmly established in all language regions of Switzerland and reflects the historical and cultural characteristics of the different regions in both its strategies and in its journalistic programmes.


The project shows how SRG SSR makes equal opportunity a subject for discussion and implements it. Using temporal and geographic comparisons, the researchers seek to understand the culturally different conditions of the success or failure of a gender equality policy. Documents in the enterprise archives (company reports, internal guidelines and transcripts/minutes) are systematically analysed, and samples of programmes on the topic of equal opportunity are retrieved from the radio and television archives, to discover how SRG SSR has handled the topic journalistically since the 1980s. In addition, the researchers conduct in-depth interviews with key persons in the enterprise units.

Original title

Gleichstellung der Geschlechter: eine "idée suisse"? Chancengleichheit in den Unternehmen und Programmen der SRG von 1980 bis in die Gegenwart

Project leader(s)

  • Dr. Ruth Hungerbühler, Istituto Media e Giornalismo (IMeG), Universität der italienischen Schweiz, Lugano
  • Prof. Nelly Valsangiacomo, Section d’histoire, Universität Lausanne



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